Launching a boat at Minam begins a journey through a 40 mile roadless canyon that not only offers great fly fishing for trout and steelhead, but the best camping and wildlife viewing to be found on a river trip.  When we push off the bank for a multi-day guided fly fishing trip the abrasive, hurried sounds of the modern world fade as the sounds and smells of the river canyon fill the senses.  As the rhythm of the river takes over, you cast flies to a likely looking trout lair and the sweet aroma of cottonwood, ponderosa pine, or mock orange makes you breathe a little deeper.  There is nothing better for the mind and soul than a river trip down a roadless canyon where the natural rhythms of life are uninterrupted.  

Prime seasons for guided fly fishing on the Grande Ronde River:

The Spring Stonefly Hatch:

Big golden stones begin hatching in earnest around Memorial Day on the lower end of our float but river conditions normally don’t fall into good fishing shape until the 2nd week of June.  The last 3 weeks of June into early July we launch weekly guided fly fishing trips following the spring stonefly hatch as it progresses its way upriver.  The stonefly hatch can be the best time of year for fishing big dry flies. 

The canyon is fully green this time of year and each week new wildflowers decorate the river banks and cliff walls.  Mock orange fills the banks with white flowers and the air with a sweet aroma.  Simply put, spring is a gorgeous time to be on the river and our Grande Ronde fly fishing guides are well acquainted with the best runs, flies, and tactics for spring trips whether the river flows are high, low, or somewhere in between.  

Late summer early fall:

September into early October is THE BEST time of year for trout fishing on the roadless section of the Wallowa and Grande Ronde Rivers.  We consistently catch the biggest rainbows of the year in September.  Warm but not hot days are the norm with refreshingly brisk mornings and evenings.  Elk are on the river bottom bugling, otter are out playing, black bears are fattening up for winter, and there are normally NO other people on the river.  September is a magical time to be on a guided fly fishing trip on the Grande Ronde River. 

Fall Guided Fly Fishing for Grande Ronde Steelhead:

October into early November is all about steelhead fishing on the roadless section.  While others are battling for elbow room on the lower easily reached sections of river, our Grande Ronde fly fishing guides are launching 5 day trips each week on the 40 mile roadless stretch that by its nature (no easy access) gets less pressure and leaves us plenty of elbow room.  No one has fished and guided the roadless stretch more than Grant and his team of diehard steelhead fly fishing guides.  We float and guide this stretch weekly throughout the fall and have an intimate understanding of its waters and where steelhead prefer to lie. 

Whether you prefer a single hand rod or a spey rod to chase steelhead, our experienced guides will tailor each day’s schedule to your needs.  We can guide complete novices who have never held a fly rod, or seasoned veterans.  Each day’s routine will be centered around your skill level and what type of fishing you like to do.      

Deposit & Cancellation Policy:

50% down payment is required to book a trip with final payment due 30 days prior to launch. Deposits and final payments are non-refundable.  You are welcome to find a replacement for your spot.  We highly recommend purchasing trip insurance through a company like AIG Travel Guard or Travelex.  Please understand that when you book a spot, we lose the right to sell your spot to other individuals.  Our number of trips and clients per trip are limited by river management plans. We cannot make exceptions due to medical or family emergencies or weather conditions and strongly advise purchasing insurance to protect your investment.  Cancellation and interruption insurance can include full refund of your deposit and final payment should you cancel. If you cannot afford to forfeit your reservation dollars, you should purchase trip cancellation insurance.

Spring Trout: Golden Stonefly Launch Dates 2020

June 17-20 FULL

June 23-26 FULL

June 29-July 2 FULL

Fall Trout & Steelhead Launch Dates 2020

September 14-17

September 25-28 FULL

October 2-5

October 8-11 FULL

October 20-24

October 27-31

Fly Fishing Rates

Half day Wallowa $250/1-2 anglers

Full day Wallowa $495/1-2 anglers

Full day Grande Ronde Troy section $595/1-2 anglers

Multi-day camp trip $495/day/person (all inclusive)

Fishing Trip Packing List