We are a Maravia and NRS dealer. If you are looking for a new boat let our experience help you make an informed decision.  From packrafts, kayaks, pontoon boats, 13' fishing setups all the way to our huge 23' long gear boat for Hells Canyon we have owned and used a lot of different boats.  They all have their purposes whether it is accessing wilderness streams by trail, sneaking rafts through 450 cfs low water on the Grande Ronde in the fall, or running big water on the Snake River through Hells Canyon.  We have a large range of experience with boats and can help you make the right purchase for your needs.  

Used Rafts and equipment:

Our rental rafts are for sale between August 1 and December 31 of each year:

We have all things rafting related both new and used so give us a call or shoot me an email letting us know what you need.

Used Gear Highlights:

Yeti 110 coolers - $325 each

Yeti 75 cooler - $250

NRS 123 cooler - $175

Used NRS dry bags - $100 each