Shuttle FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to make a reservation?

Yes, you must reserve your shuttle before making travel plans or we may not have enough drivers to move your vehicle.

Do we shuttle rafters back to the put in?

No. We take your vehicle to the take out so you can simply unload your boat there and begin your journey home.

Do I need a spare key?

Having a spare key is the best way for us to shuttle your vehicle. You can keep one key in a safe, secure place on your river trip; we will drive your vehicle to the take out and lock your key inside your vehicle. If you are leaving us with your spare, be sure to test it before arriving at Minam, and be sure to test the spare key with your primary key at least 100 feet away.

What if my vehicle won’t start, breaks down, or I accidentally leave you the wrong key?

It happens. Don’t worry too much, we will take one of our personal vehicles and a trailer to pick you up at the take out and get you back to Minam, where we can help you resolve your vehicle issue.

When do you move my vehicle?

On the shuttle form you must list your take out date. We will move your vehicle on or before the date listed. If we move your vehicle the same day as your take out date, it will be on the morning shuttle run.

Do I need to tip the shuttle driver?

Although it is not mandatory, everyone likes feeling appreciated, and leaving a tip for your shuttle driver is a good way to let them know you appreciate the good service they are providing. If you would like to leave a tip, either label the cash with the words “Tip” on it inside the vehicle or leave it with us when you drop off your key, and we will see that your driver gets it.

Do you have insurance covering my vehicle while in transit or parked at the put in or take out?

Driving motorized vehicles is inherently risky and although our employees are carefully screened and instructed to drive carefully and obey all traffic laws, all shuttle services performed are at the vehicle owner’s sole risk. As stated in our shuttle contract, you as the vehicle owner must have collision and liability insurance on your vehicle or be personally liable for the deficiency in coverage. For full terms of our shuttle agreement, please refer to our shuttle form.

Do's and Don'ts


Do fill your vehicle up with gas in Elgin or Wallowa so you have plenty of gas to get to the take out and back to a gas station after your trip. Gas stations are only 13 miles from the put in either direction so you should arrive with nearly a full tank of gas.

Do have a Discovery Pass for the state of Washington purchased and in your vehicle if you plan on taking out in Washington at Heller Bar.

Do have a spare key that you can leave with us. If you have a newer & fancy “smart” vehicle that requires a chip in the key to start your vehicle, please leave a chipped key with us so we can drive your vehicle to the take out rather than only being able to unlock your doors. If your spare key is a “valet” key, leave us the chipped key and take your valet key with you to unlock the car at the takeout.

Do be courteous and kind to everyone, whether it is fellow rafters, shuttle drivers, or the guy pumping your gas. Kindness gets you a lot in life.

Do know how to drive home from the take out. If you don’t know, please purchase a map and ask about the best way to get home before embarking on your roadless river trip rather than getting to the take out and realizing you don’t know the way home.

Do make sure you have a good spare tire filled with air and the proper tools in your car to change the tire.


Don’t leave your car with worn out or otherwise crummy tires. No matter what route we take to Powwatka/Wildcat Bridge, Mud Creek, or Troy we have to travel on dirt/gravel roads. We take your vehicle on paved roads to Enterprise, North on Highway 3 to Flora and then your vehicle is driven a short distance on a dirt/gravel road to Troy, Mud Creek, or Powwatka Bridge. You are in remote northeast Oregon traveling on roads with rocks that may be sharp. It is your responsibility to have good tires on your vehicle. Also realize that even good tires may be punctured by a sharp rock. This is called “knowing what you are getting into” just like rafting a roadless stretch of river, which you are doing if you are using our services. If your tire goes flat on the drive we will change the tire out with your good spare for no extra charge.

We want you to have a safe and carefree trip, but you must understand that flat tires happen and we will not be responsible for buying you new tires if one goes flat on the shuttle route. As any experienced hiker or boater would, we recommend you carry some form of fix-a-flat and pump in case you have more than one flat on a trip as even good tires can go flat. Please don’t act like a jerk. Lottie and her drivers go the extra mile to make your trip as easy as possible, so do your part and be prepared with good tires, fix-a-flat, a 12-volt tire inflation pump, and the proper tools to change your tire. The only takeout that does not require driving on gravel roads is Boggan’s Oasis. If your tires are not gravel worthy, plan on taking out at Boggan’s.

*If you have special, secret “anti-theft” lugnuts installed for the big city tire and rim thieves, please tell us where your special adapter is so we can change your flat tire.

Don’t be rude, disrespectful, or act like a jerk: Jerks or their counterparts are not welcome on our property and will be considered trespassers. Penalty for acting like a jerk or any synonym close to a jerk is punishable by tarring and feathering, being thrown in the river and left to practice self rescue, or being shot in the rear end with rock salt. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who is rude to our employees or other customers.