Beginning at Hells Canyon Dam and ending at Heller Bar, this trip is not recommeded for inexperienced rafters. However, for those with experience, but lacking the proper equipment, our rental options have you covered. This float through the world famous Hells Canyon has class III and IV whitewater that is sure to get your adrenaline pumping. This trip requires adequate planning and renters should plan on reserving equipment for at least 5 days. We will only provide 16' boats on this river. 

A $550 delivery fee is applied for trips on this river. To request a rental on these river please email us 1. the oarsmans boating history 2. the desired trip dates 3. how many boats you would like to rent. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Wallowa/Grande Ronde River

Rent rafts for a single day of fun or a multi-day adventure in gorgeous Northeast Oregon.

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salmon river

Lower Salmon River

Rent rafts for multi-day expeditions filled with exciting whitewater and picturesque sandy beaches.

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The Snake River through Hells Canyon

Have a permit, but need some boats? Our fully stocked rental fleet has you covered.

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Raft Rental Rates

Wallowa & Grande Ronde raft rental rates:

2 days: $220 per day

3 days: $210 per day

4+ days: $200 per day

Lower Salmon and Hells Canyon raft rental rates:

Avaliable after August 1st. 

Email us at before booking.

5 days minimum rental fee

$200 per day

*A delivery fee of $550 is added for rentals on the Salmon and Snake Rivers.

For information on renting additional equipment visit our Rental Rates page.

For information on the rivers where we rent visit our Where We Rent page.