Reservations are required to shuttle your vehicle.  You must use the BOOK NOW link to fill out your shuttle form online (go to the raft rental page or guided trips page to find a BOOK NOW link).  You must reserve your shuttle before making travel plans or we may not have enough driver's to move your vehicle.  You can only sign up for one shuttle per reservation.  Each individual needs to sign up their vehicle themselves.  We are recieving a high volume of calls and we will be setting up a shuttle hotline this coming week for people who need assistance filling out their shuttle form online.  Sorry for the inconvenience in these strange times.  

Minam to Grande Ronde River Takeouts:

Powwatka Bridge, Mud Creek, Troy, or Boggan's Oasis - $150 per vehicle

Minam to Snake River Takeouts:

Heller Bar - $205 per vehicle (Required Washington State Discovery Pass not provided by Minam Store)

Wallowa Canyon to Minam

Lower Diamond Lane or Johnson Wayside - $40 per vehicle

Palmer Junction to Grande Ronde River Takeouts

Powwatka Bridge, Mud Creek, Troy, or Boggan's Oasis - $180 per vehicle

*For shuttles starting at Palmer-Junction and ending at Heller Bar call us for a quote at 541-437-1111

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Have a different shuttle in mind? Call us for a quote: 541-437-1111

Shuttle Rates

Minam to Powatka Bridge: $150

Minam to Mud Creek: $150

Minam to Troy: $150

Minam to Boggan's Oasis: $150

Minam to Heller's Bar: $205

Wallowa Canyon Shuttle: $40

Trailhead Shuttle: Variable