To our valued raft rental and shuttle customers,

As we wrap up 2023, we have some changes to announce for 2024. After much deliberation, we have reached the decision we will no longer be renting rafts or running shuttles.

In 2024 we will exclusively focus on running guided trips while also operating the store and food truck. We will continue to stock the store with all the goodies you want and need on your next river trip.

If you are interested in purchasing used equipment, we will be selling complete boat kits including raft, frame, cooler, dry box, straps, and oars. IN the coming months we will update the website to list an entire inventory of the gear we have for sale. Please get in touch if you’re in need of a “new” used boat.

Many of you will ask why we have made this decision, so we feel it is much easier to simply state the facts. Finding a way to etch out a living at Minam has never been easy. If it was, our business and family would not be all that remains at Minam after 160 years of people trying.

Like others before us, we continually adapt and try to do better and find a way to make a living in this beautiful place. Making this change will allow us to focus on portions of our business that have a longer season, more predictability, more viability, and most importantly, allow us some family time back in our lives. We have enjoyed getting to know all our raft rental and shuttle customers over the past 13 years and hope to see you in the store or at the food truck for many more seasons to come!

Used Raft, Frame and Accessories List

Frame and Accessories New Sale
NRS Outfitter Frame w/oarlock $1,055
Cooler with pad $572
DryBox w pad $663
3 oars with sleeve & oar right $915
Straps $210
Cargo Floor & Cargo Net $125
4 drybags for 16' $532
4 lifejackets $592
Cleanwaste Portable Toilet System $105
Wonder Pump $43.00
Total Full Kit $4,812 $2,895
Front Fishing Seat with lean bar-1 Available $610 $375
Raft / Age / Color
13' NRS Star-2021 -Blue 2695 $1,900
13' NRS Star-2021-Blue 2695 $1,900
14' Maravia-2013-Blue #5 (number and name covered) 6849 $3,000
15'9" Maravia Williwaw 1.5-2004-White-new sotar floor 7589 $3,995
15'9" Maravia Williwaw 1.5-2005-Green 7589 $3,995
16' Maravia Williwaw 1.5-2005-Red Missing 1-handle 7589 $3,750
16' Maravia Typhoon-2011-Blue 8459 $4,250
16' Maravia Typhoon-2011-Grey -Bubbled Floor needs replaced 8459 $1,995
16' RMR-Blue-2017 3799 $2,800
16' Hyside-Blue-2002 Floor Seam Repaired 7573 $1,900
16' Hyside-Blue-2002 7573 $2,750
14' Odyese bucket boat-old-grey $500